Don’t let our 1964 Mustang’s current pampered life as a wedding car lull you into thinking it doesn’t have a wild side too

Back in the day the Mustang was more used to wheel-spinning off the line and screaming full throttle down the Drag Strip at Santa Pod raceway - where the great archive photos in our gallery were taken in the early 1970s

It’s said the Mustang was then modified into a Rally car and there are one or two special fittings that suggest the story is true

Under the bonnet is a 289 cubic inch (4.7 litre) V8 and automatic gearbox, replacing the original 260 cubic inch engine and manual gearbox.  Performance modifications include Edelbrock inlet manifold, Carter 4 barrel carburettor, tubular exhaust manifolds, front disc brakes, American Racing wide alloy wheels and uprated suspension

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Under the bonnet

The engine of So Classic Mustang's American wedding car